What Clients Are Saying

Certified Integral Coach® | ACC | MBA | BA |AA

“When I was 18, I made the bold decision to enter the music business. While I had gone far, by 23 I had hit a wall. At an age where most would be starting their careers, I felt stuck in the middle of mine. Bear was a voice of reason and helped me realize that life is a journey, not a race. She provided tools and methods for how to step back, view a situation, and appropriately deal with it clearly. She encouraged me to do things that I enjoy, not things I think I should be doing. Highly recommend her coaching expertise!”
Gavin Blasier, Music Industry Professional
“Before beginning Bear’s life coaching program, I had searched endlessly for ways to manage my stress and anxiety. As a workaholic, my soul never rested. Through coaching conversations with Bear, I have begun to embrace calm and to realize the important aspects of my life. Bear’s deep wisdom and ability to share her understanding of human development have been life changing for me. I feel restored and grounded. As a result, I am more effective in leading my team at work and experience a greater richness and vitality in my personal relationships. Through our conversations and my daily practices, I feel healed and changed from the inside out.”
Tanya Brooks, Business Founder and Owner
“ My work with Bear feels generous and proactive. She is a gifted companion, able to see me clearly, and coach from a place of non-judgment. Bear has clearly done her own inner work and has a deep self-awareness. She was able to quickly understand the complexity of my past and help me weave a thread through my historic patterns and into the present. Her process provides structure but is also very fluid, allowing it to adapt as I heal and grow… Bear evokes my own wisdom, offering personalized exercises to guide me forward. She has given me practical approaches to help me fully tune into my life’s purpose. If you are ready to grow and committed to change, Bear can help you create a clear path forward. ”
Kai Koumatos, Helping Homeless Veterans and Advocating for Fostering Youth
“ As the founder and owner of a full-service ad agency, I interact with people and problem solve all day – every day. Bear is my executive coach who helps me see and address my blind spots so I can become a more effective leader. We’ve worked on practical approaches to being more present, more receptive, less reactive, and more able to express myself in a masterful way. My work with Bear has transformed the way I see myself and my potential… to impact the lives of others – my family, my employees, and my clients. Let’s just say I’m a fan. ”
Rob Carney, Partner at Carney
“ I have been lucky, knowing that I wanted to take pictures for a living from when I was very young, and having had a successful career doing just that. As a freelance creative, my business has radically changed in the past years. In an age where everyone takes pictures, and swipes hurriedly through hundreds of images everyday – how do I continue to have confidence in my work and put it out in the world with meaning? Enter Bear Brandegee… Bear’s life coaching process is similar to how I work as a photographer, but I have rarely been on the other side of the lens. She is very good at this. It takes a special person to get intimately involved in a person’s path while not getting lost in the weeds. Bear was able to help me focus on the most promising projects on my plate, help me reconnect with what is most important, and gain a sense of agency in my life. My teacher at art school once went to visit Georgia O’Keefe in Santa Fe. O’Keefe told her that many students come to her door – and they are searching…searching all over. O’Keefe said, “what they are searching for is sitting right on the end of their nose.” It is kind of like that with Bear. She is not so much telling us what we don’t know, rather inviting us to see what we already know so much more clearly. ”
George Lange, Photographer and Video Director
“ Bear works from a place of authenticity and sincerity that inspires both an intimacy and deep inner work. I felt her genuine care and partnership as she helped me tap into my spiritual self, to find my joy, and to truly take care of myself. She helped me work with the question of “what is the life you want and how do you manifest it on a somatic, spiritual, and cognitive level?” She offered tangible practices in self-care, spiritual connection and self-ob servation around what brings me joy. It’s so easy to focus on what’s going on out there and Bear helped me get reacquainted with my intuition and my inner felt sense of what’s right for me. This work fundamentally changed the way I listen and engage with my own nature and spirituality. ”
Maria Dayton, Fundrasier & Political Change Agent
“ Although my day job is as a college student, I identify as being a dancer. When I dance I’m at my most vulnerable. Over time, I came to fear going to dance classes alone, sharing my work, and eventually stopped dancing altogether. I was immobilized by the fear that others were judging me. Bear helped me fully embrace my inner dancer and to work with my inner critic. I started going to classes and remembered how much I loved it. I met… new people, made new friends, and found a new home. I’m now dancing daily and sharing my free-style choreography on social media. I would have never dreamed of doing that before my work with Bear. She gave me a beautiful life metaphor to lean into that opened new possibilities for appreciating myself. ”
Ariana, Student
“I was anticipating retirement when I began working with Bear. I sought to gain clarity on how I wanted to spend this next chapter of my life. What relationships did I want to cultivate? Which activities and ways of spending my time and resources did I want to take up and which did I want to put down? How could I maximize joy to myself and others by bringing my full presence and essential way of being into this next chapter? These were not easy questions for me to answer. What I appreciated most about Bear was her patient guidance as I explored the resources and suggestions she offered. I can’t say I reached clarity on all my concerns, but that turned out not to be the most important thing. Bear nurtured in me a confidence in choosing how to use my time and energy to increase the possibility that each day will hold rich meaning. For this, I am deeply grateful.”
Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards