BOSS Coaching

Certified Integral Coach® | ACC | MBA | BA |AA

BOSS life coaching can deepen your personal development and enhance interpersonal skills for more satisfying daily living.


Chemistry Call

To begin, we get to know one another in a complimentary 30-minute discussion. Is my coaching style and process a good fit for you? Do we have chemistry that will allow for building trust in the coaching relationship? We’ll discuss our mutual expectations for outcomes, scheduling, and my coaching program fee.


Discovery Session

Now we take a deeper dive into your sense of the issues you face and how they’re impacting your life. We examine the reason why you have come for coaching. We explore all facets of your life and what it is like for you. My job is to find the theme, the core limiting beliefs, that are keeping you stuck in a repetitive cycle.


Assessment & Plan

Using Integral Coaching™ models, I’ll assess your cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational and spiritual ways of relating to yourself and others. Based on the whole story that emerges I’ll create your personal coaching and development plan designed to help build long-term sustainable change.



We’ll begin our coaching conversations by establishing our common understanding for the context of the coaching and gain clarity around the desired outcomes. Going forward, we’ll use this agreement as a backdrop as we explore how limiting language and behaviors are showing up in your daily life. Based on our learning, we’ll co-create exercises to help reshape limitations in your language, thoughts and behaviors to bring more joy and less suffering to your everyday existence.


Wrap Up

In our final conversation, we’ll explore where you are in that moment, what you’ve accomplished throughout our time together, and where you have more change you wish to make and support for ongoing learning and development. We’ll agree on a specific plan for how you can continue to self-correct and grow both personally and professionally.



About one month after our wrap-up conversation, we reconnect to see what’s working and what might need an adjustment. This is an ideal time to explicitly identify the shifts you have made in your life and discuss the possibilities they have created as well as ways you see new areas for further development.

Coaching Outcomes

My goal is that you become more skilled at attuning to your inner guidance; more present to each moment of your life; and more skillful at real-time course correction. Together we’ll begin the process of healing wounds, building skills and creating a new focus and habits that connect you with your personal power and the new possibilities that arise.
Chemistry Call

BOSS Coach Support for Graduates

If you’ve graduated from a six month or one-year coaching program, I now offer a package of 10 (30 minute) sessions to use at your convenience. These are priced to honor the work you have already done and the commitment you have made to yourself for ongoing change.