BOSS Coaching

In a six-month coaching program you can expect to deepen your personal development and enhance specific life skills.

step 01

Chemistry Call

A complimentary 30-minute discussion where we get to know each other to determine if my coaching style is a good fit for you. We’ll also discuss our mutual expectations for outcomes, scheduling, and program fee.

step 02

Discovery Session

In this session, I’ll interview you about your life and your sense of the issues you face. My job is to find the theme, the core limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in many areas of your life and to gain a snapshot of your life right now.

step 03

Assessment and Plan Development

At this point I use the Integral Coaching™ model to establish the framework for our work together. This includes a developmental model, a road map for your current world and a review of your cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational, spiritual and integrative ways of relating to yourself and others. Based on the whole story that emergers I create your personal coaching and development plan.

step 04

BOSS Coaching Plan

In our first coaching conversation, I’ll share the personal development plan that I’ve designed specifically for you. I’ll address themes that run through your personal relationships, family, health and physical vitality, spirituality, professional life, and any other relevant territory. You’ll be welcomed into a new metaphorical way of being in your world. I’ll be recommending specific practices that will help you create a fresh focus and new habits that will invite your ease, confidence, and the ability to be fully present in your life.

step 05

Coaching Conversations

Inside our coaching conversations, we step beyond perceived limitations. These conversations will ebb and flow through the day-to-day issues that arise and we’ll explore how your way of being and your attention can transform both how you experience life and how others experience you. We’ll also co-create exercises that might include Focusing, a body-wisdom based way of connecting with your inner knowing, Polyvagal-informed mapping of your nervous system to gain a sense of regulation and connection and guided meditation as examples.

step 06

Wrap Up

In our final conversation, we’ll talk about where you are in that moment, what you’ve accomplished throughout our time together, and where you have more work that you wish to do. Importantly, we’ll agree on a specific plan for how you can continue to self-correct and grow both personally and professionally.

step 07


About one month after our wrap-up conversation, we reconnect to see what’s working and what might need an adjustment. This is an ideal time to explicitly identify the shifts you have made in your life and discuss the possibilities they have created as well as ways you see new areas for further development.

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Coaching Outcomes

My goal for each of my clients is that you become more skilled at attuning to your inner guidance; more present to each moment of your life; and more skillful at real-time course correction. Together we’ll begin the process of healing wounds, building skills and creating a new focus and habits that invite you to live into your personal power and the new possibilities that arise.
Chemistry Call

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BOSS Coach Support for Graduates

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For those of you who have worked with me in a six month or one-year coaching program, I now have a touch-stone offering for you. Several of you have asked for an “evergreen” ability to talk and work with me going forward. For graduates, I offer a package of 10 (30 minute) sessions that you can use at your convenience within a given year. These are priced to honor the work you have already done and the commitment you have made to yourself for ongoing change. These sessions can be booked by you via Calendly as needed.
Ask about your Graduate Package