Working With Bear

Bear’s Coaching Philosophy – ICF-Certified Professional Life & Executive Coach

Walking with You – My Coaching Philosophy

As a certified Integral Coach and ICF accredited professional coach (PCC), I work with all of you – body, mind, heart and soul – to help you free yourself from that stuck place you’re in right now.

Together we’ll search for that part of you that was forgotten or lost along the way to today. What is the loss you experience? Is it playfulness? Curiosity? Joyfulness? Trust in yourself? And when you were lost, did you miss out on learning life and business skills that you’re now ready to build?

Within the context of our life coaching engagement, you can expect to make many subtle and yet transformative shifts in the way you show up and move in the world: energetically, spiritually, cognitively, and physically.

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BOSS Life Coaching: Is it for me?

Chances are there’s been a disruption in your world that brought you to this moment. You may be asking yourself…

  1. How do I find my right path?
  2. How do I release the feeling of being an impostor in my own life?
  3. How can I get beyond this mental loop and move forward with freedom and joy?
  4. How do I find and support my voice to create positive outcomes?
  5. How can I feel safe, secure and connected?
  6. How do I cultivate connection and deepen relationships with those I love?
  7. How do I engage in conversations that illuminate my way forward?
  8. How do I release toxic habits that keep me imprisoned?
  9. How do I support my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being?
  10. How do I experience and share the person I know I am at my core?
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If you answered yes to any of these questions, why don’t we have an exploratory conversation?

Chemistry Call
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Presence Practice

I invite you to take a few minutes to settle into yourself. Nothing to do but breathe. Begin to sense what wisdom lies within you. Slowing down to listen and experience, free from judgment or the need to fix; what do you find? It’s just below the surface; waiting for you to arrive!

As an ICF-certified professional coach and New Ventures West-trained and certified integral coach, Bear‘s coaching philosophy is that she works with the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Leveraging somatic practices supported by the wisdom of the body, Bear will help you become more attuned to your inner guidance, more present to each moment of your life, and more skillful at real-time course correction. Through new self-observation and daily practices, you will begin the process of healing wounds, building skills and creating a new focus and habits that connect you with your personal power and the new possibilities for your life. You will begin to have an unconditional positive regard for yourself and others.

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