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About Bear Brandegee

Executive Leadership

Bear Brandegee Begins Coaching

I began coaching as a marketing executive in multinational agency, corporate, and entrepreneurial environments. My first executive coaching role was at Fleishman-Hillard, a global marketing and communications company, where I advised C-suite executives on media relations strategy and managed technology marketing and branding programs for Commodore Business Machines, Electronic Data Systems, and Sharp Electronics. As a young executive, I learned that having an energetically big, fully- embodied presence, was essential when guiding corporate leadership.

I then joined Mitsubishi Electronics where I served as communications advisor and speechwriter to the chairman, media advisor to the executives of nine Mitsubishi sister companies, and led the corporate communications public relations team. During a time of an all-out trade war, my role as internal cultural translator and advisor offered the opportunity to hone my executive coaching skills. Specifically in the arenas of diplomacy, intercultural communication, and expressing personal authenticity at the highest levels of this global electronics giant.

image of Bear Brandegee, executive & life coach
Bear Brandegee, Takashi Kiuchi and Mitsubishi Electric executive

Entrepreneurial Journey

Bear Brandegee’s Passion for Business

With my newly found passion for business, I left Mitsubishi to earn an MBA and to co-found and raise $40 million to launch The Patent & License Exchange (PL-X), an online market for intellectual property rights. I served as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing global software engineering, sales, and marketing. The Chairman of Mitsubishi Electronics honored me by serving on our board of directors. It was running this company that leveled up my mentoring and coaching skills for our rapidly growing multinational team.

In my next chapter, I launched a style strategy company. Integrating my MBA and business experience with my communications background and fashion merchandising degree, I coached community, business, and faith leaders. Together we defined a unique sartorial voice that amplified their message and helped them bring a powerful presence to their impactful work. 

image of patent document from Bear Brandegee, executive & life coach
Harvard Business School case study of The Patent & License Exchange

Life-long Learning

Bear Brandegee’s Dedication to the Foundations of Integral Coaching Continued Learning

Along the way, I earned an MBA from The University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, a BA in English Language & Literature from The University of Chicago, and an AA in Fashion Merchandising from FIDM in Los Angeles. More recently, I’ve added the framework of Integral Coaching™ from New Ventures West, where I earned my integral coaching certification, and also secured my International Coaching Federation ACC designation.

I am deeply dedicated to the foundations of integral coaching and to continued learning in the areas of human development, spirituality, somatic connection and trauma release. My current path of study is of the ancient wisdom of the ENNEAGRAM, a tool for personal and professional development. In 2022 I enrolled in both the ENNEAGRAM Prison Project Path To Freedom program as well as the Beatrice Chestnut School. I am also a dedicated student and coach of Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, a body-wisdom-based mode of connecting with one’s inner knowledge and releasing trauma. I continue to develop my own capacities through my work with a masterful integral coach of my own, a regular Focusing practice, and my daily meditation practice.

logos of bear Brandegee's alma maters, executive & life coach
Bear’s Alma Maters and institutions of certification

Personal Passions

A Glimpse into Bear’s Brandegee’s Life

Offering clients a safe space, a common language and practices to regain a sense of emotional wellbeing, is my professional path and passion. In service to my clients and to myself, I’m an avid reader and take time daily to support my continued learning about ways to reduce human suffering. For my own healing, one of the things I do is – move! A dancer at heart and in practice, I enjoy Lindy Hop, Swing and Balboa with my high school sweetheart, husband and best friend. I also take regular dance classes and love learning and performing K-pop choreographies. All that moving engenders an appreciation for great food and wine, so naturally cooking and nightly philosophical conversation round out a day. My greatest joy of joys is being Mom to our University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering Senior.

One daughter, one Bear and many ducks.

As an ICF-certified professional coach, Bear Brandegee draws on cognitive, spiritual and somatic practices to help clients experience deep personal transformation and professional success. Combining her entrepreneurial and corporate leadership skills with coaching excellence, Bear helps business owners and executives transcend self-imposed limitations. She guides clients in welcoming new linguistic, emotional and physical habits that effectively support their unique developmental and skills-based goals. Bear is a student and coach of Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, a body-wisdom-based mode of connecting with one’s inner knowledge and releasing trauma. She blends Focusing, Hakomi, mindfulness practices, meditation and Polyvagal resourcing, to support clients’ long-lasting change in attitudes, moods and habits. Her goals for each client are that they become more skilled at attuning to their inner guidance; more present to each moment of their life; and more skillful at real-time self-managed course correction.

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