Are you done being stuck in your own life?

Are you done being stuck in your own life? If you’re seeking a professional life coach for help, then it’s time to schedule your chemistry meeting with ICF-certified life and executive coach Bear Brandegee. Bear looks forward to learning about what has happened in your life that inspires you to seek a professional life coach in this moment. She also invites a mutual interview to confirm positive chemistry that will support your transformation. 

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If so, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve tried therapy, new routines, self-help books, and leadership training, and yet still feel stuck in your own life, Bear Brandegee will design a personalized coaching plan just for you. Together you and Bear will get you unstuck from emotions, thoughts and habits that are limiting you at every turn.

As an ICF-certified professional coach, Bear Brandegee draws on cognitive, spiritual and somatic practices to help clients experience deep personal transformation and professional success. Combining her entrepreneurial and corporate leadership skills with coaching excellence, Bear helps business owners and executives transcend self-imposed limitations. She guides clients in welcoming new linguistic, emotional and physical habits that effectively support their unique developmental and skills-based goals. Bear is a student and coach of Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, a body-wisdom-based mode of connecting with one’s inner knowledge and releasing trauma. She blends Focusing, Hakomi, mindfulness practices, meditation and Polyvagal resourcing, to support clients’ long-lasting change in attitudes, moods and habits. Her goals for each client are that they become more skilled at attuning to their inner guidance; more present to each moment of their life; and more skillful at real-time self-managed course correction.