Live Your BOSS Life

Certified Integral Coach® | PCC | MBA | BA |AA

Searching for a Certified Professional Life Coach?

You’ve tried therapy, new routines, self-help books, and leadership training, and yet, you feel stuck in your own life! Stuck in old reruns of thoughts, routines and emotions that are limiting you at every turn. In fact, you may notice you’ve lost contact with who you really are.
Welcome to the world of BOSS life coaching where together we’ll discover the YOU just waiting to be freed. Together we’ll develop your personalized coaching program. One that includes new daily practices designed to move your life forward in fresh and powerful ways.
If you’re ready to live your life with radical self-acceptance and unconditional positive regard others, welcome! As an ICF-certified professional coach and New Ventures West-certified Integral Coach, I’m trained to coach the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Meeting you just where you are, I’ll blend integral coaching with the inner wisdom practices of Focusing, and the technology of the ENNEAGRAM, to help you achieve your personal developmental and skill-based goals.

The BOSS Life Coaching Program

What does it mean to live a BOSS Life?

It’s a way of being. You trust yourself to speak and act authentically, to be present and prepared to engage in the fullness of what’s happening right now. To let go of old narratives that no longer serve you and to take up new habits that support the life you want to live. As a certified integral coach I’m prepared and qualified to be your guide on this personal growth journey.

Presence Practice

I invite you to take a few minutes to settle into yourself. Nothing to do but breathe. Begin to sense what wisdom lies within you. Slowing down to listen and experience, free from judgment or the need to fix; what do you find? It’s just below the surface; waiting for you to arrive!

Curious if you’re on your path to a BOSS life?

In addition to her professional life coaching designations, Bear is also trained in ENNEAGRAM, Hakomi, Focusing, mindfulness and meditation and incorporates teachings and practices from these schools in her professional coaching practice. Bear will help you become more attuned to your inner guidance, more present to each moment of your life, and more skillful at real-time course correction. Allow Bear to help you bring joy into your life with a six-month or one-year individualized virtual professional life coaching program.

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