"It's not just that the clothes are
gorgeous and unique. Bear taught this teacher how to dress. My students and colleagues began complimenting me, not just on the clothes themselves - 'hey, that's a nice jacket' - but on how polished and stylish I look. The best part is that I have never felt more comfortable and at home in my clothes."

Kris Straub
Professor of Literary & Cultural Studies Carnegie Mellon University


Bear will infuse your personal brand with a distinctive visual presence and confidence so you look and feel your best every day of the week. Since creating a professional bespoke environment is the hallmark of Bear's service, she works by appointment meeting clients in her downtown showroom. There Bear works with each client to understand her daily lifestyle so she can effectively curate Worth New York outfits just right for each woman.

Bear is expert in recommending the color story, silhouette and mix-n-match wardrobing that creates a defining look that transitions easily from day to evening; from week day to weekend. With the iconic Worth New York collection, she creates entrance making ensembles for those special events as well as comfortable and chic outfits for everyday life.

This luxury line is designed for women who appreciate both quality and distinctive touches found in high end clothing that is classic with a modern twist.

Bear will recommend the styles, fabrics and colors that flatter your skin tone and body type while fitting your work environment, lifestyle and budget. She'll make suggestions on seasonal looks that will give new life to past purchases and she'll let you know when it's time to let go of old items and refresh your image.

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